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70's Style

The Flare Brings a Flair

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In this film, photographer Martin Krolop covers the topic of shooting in 70's style, a look that has recently made a revival in fashion photography.

Krolop stresses that photographers do not have to use expensive or many pieces of equipment. What he does to recreate a 70's style shooting is done with very little equipment and also by using the lens flare technique, a technique to which some refer to as a mistake a lens will produce while shooting backlighting.

Photos shot in 70's style create a halo glow around the model and if the proper lens is used it will also create some vignetting around the photo edges. Again, some photographers refer to these deficits as mistakes of the lens. But Krolop uses all this to his advantage and creates stunning photographs, almost as if covered with a grey veil of beautiful soft light.

In conclusion, Krolop's reiterates not all disadvantage are actually disadvantages. He urges photographers to put out their photo ideas and take a lens that is suitable for the scene and get out and have fun shooting.

Based out of Bonn, Krolop comprises half of the creative team at Krolop & Gerst photography. Combining traditional photography techniques with the latest technology and software, Krolop and Gerst specialize in editorial, fashion, location and wedding photography, providing excellent visual solution services to many satisfied clients.


I'm loving lens flare

I completely agree to Martin Krolop regarding the lens flares. When Lighting with Speedlights I often use one speedlight in the back in order to generate lensflare. The 70's look that Martin is producing over here is just awesome! I wish you good light! -- Michael

be creative

Being creative and think outside the box with light and framing etc. adds a lot to a photo as you can see in this movie. experiment!


I saw the video and photographer did a great job. He has captured her in 70s style in really looks like that we are back into 70s.