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About us

Team at FotoTV: Driven by a love for photography

FotoTV was founded in 2007 by Marc Ludwig. It was founded on a simple mission – to provide an online learning resource for photographers based on the principle of ‘learn by watching the experts’. Photography is a visual medium and so it made sense to combine the reach of the internet with the visual impact of videos.

In FotoTV’s infancy, we focused on the local German speaking market. The speed, at which our subscriber base grew, proved that we were doing the right thing. We are now aiming for the English speaking markets.

For an avid photographer the possibilities to learn and evolve are endless. At the same time the ease of learning constantly is also important. We understand this need and also the diversity of Photography as a subject.  Our videos are produced keeping these factors in mind. We cover a range of topics – from techniques, editing, lighting, equipment to photography as an art. They do not simply demonstrate how an expert develops a picture, but motivates our subscribers to learn and try something new.   

We are headquartered in Cologne and yes, we have an office with a Studio. If you drop in to visit us, you will find, beyond all the strobe lights and reflectors, a team of young, fun-loving, yet dedicated set of people at work. This team, just like FotoTV subscribers, shares a common love for photography. It’s our collective passion and interest in the subject that helps us get better everyday- day after day.

Our team members come from diverse backgrounds bringing varied skills to achieve the company’s goal. You can meet them right here. 


The FotoTV team:

Marc is the founder of FotoTV. He wanted to turn his passion into a business and that’s just what he did. FotoTV is purely his idea. He is an avid photographer himself and has particular interests in Photography as an Art. He would like to have one day in a week just to shoot pictures and stay close to his passion. He’s an all-rounder – he can forge new partnerships, shoot a film, fix the website and brainstorm a new idea. Well, almost. Besides FotoTV, he loves to travel, cook and ride his motorbike.


Robert is a photography engineer and of course the FotoTV engineer. He has a natural affinity to photography equipment, engineering and its disciplines. He’s master of over 50 hard drives, he’s also our web developer. He’s a genius. His flip side? He brings a tacky lunch box with sandwiches to work. His food for thought, perhaps?




Rosina is our bean counter. She keeps a close eye on all financial matters making accounting a lot easier for us. When she’s not focused on money matters she is focused on subscriber issues. When she is not browsing numbers and subscriber data, she loves to play tennis, go Nordic walking and read to recharge for the next working day.







This team has a lot of fun with FotoTV. We hope you do too!

PS: You can find answers to frequently asked questions and more background info about FotoTV right here.