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Ahmet Ertug

Making of "Domes"

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Ahmet Ertuğ is an architecture photographer and publisher based in Istanbul. He is deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of Europe and Asia.
As editor in chief of Ertuğ & Kocabiyik he has published 25 photographic and art books in limited editions. These publications are supported by traveling and stationary exhibitions of ultra large photographs. Their thematic spectrum spans from the advent of European and Eurasian cultures to historical libraries and the domes of some of the most important buildings in Europe as Ahmet Ertuğ's latest project. Architecture is their primary theme, but the works also include landscape references as well as defining artefacts and sculptures. Ahmet Ertuğ's Hagia Sophia photographs for example can be viewed in the upper northern gallery of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul as a permanent exhibition.
A distinctive feature of this photographers' work and personality is his complete commitment to his subject's aura. He has the will to control the prints, reproductions and distribution of his work to the last detail to convey the specific aura of a historically important building or artefact to the spectator of his works.
In addition to maintaining a tight rein on his art, he chooses enduring subjects - very likely none of them will wither away in the next centuries. His work will maintain their importance as a visual legacy as their subjects will continue to be available to coming generations.