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Alex Webb

The Secret of Life

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In the nearly 50 years of his photographic work Alex Webb realized numerous large photo projects and won as many international awards. The California native first studied history and literature, but then also photography. His first professional experience was gained as a freelance photographer, who sold his pictures to magazines such as Life, Geo, National Geographic, or New York Time. Since the late 70s, he is a full member of Magnum.
His projects, which mostly extend over many years - on one he worked 26 years - and overlap in time, deal with different places in the world. For his first book "Hot Light / Half-Made Worlds" for example he photographed for years the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Mexico. Some places, such as Haiti, fascinated him again and again.
An exciting station of his work is the collaboration with Rebecca Norris Webb who is not only his wife, but also his creative partner. The two traveled to Cuba many times in over eight years, actually to pursue separate projects there. One day they had the idea of ​​combining their work in the same book. This was the beginning of a new period of continuing cooperation.