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Andrzej Dragan

Portraits From a Lost Highway

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Andrzej Dragan is a quantum physicist, with a professorship in Warsaw. He is also a composer and photographer. His photographs are portraits of persons beyond all ideals of beauty. With his works he wants to reveal the inconsistency of portraits to lead the viewer astray.

The shooting of a good model is irrelevant, Dragan says. In fact, he even does not like the photographing process very much. His works begins in the post-production, which can take up to a month for a single picture.

With his distinctive style Andrzej Dragan has already made a name of himself. Meanwhile the process of editing the picture in this unique look is called 'draganizing'. Dragan is not very pleased over the fact, that his works inspire others to do the same. In his eyes, copying is not very helpful to create something new.

We met the polish exceptional artists in the Hamburg G3 gallery at the opening of his exhibition "Allegories & Macabresques".



i m totally impressed, u r to good in ur vission.


Liked it..

what an artist

I never heard of him before, the more psyched I'am to discover his work.... amazing photographer, artist.... Also like the video alot...

stunning images

amazing pics, thats what i want to do! I am a little sad though that he is not willing to share his knowlage with us and calling it "copying"

I love his work ..keep up

I love his work ..keep up with the good job


...too see and hear what the eponym for a whole movement in contemporary photography has to say about his work. It's funny that he doesn't know (yet) WHY his photos work and that he only acts by perception. The reason is surely not the disruption of "things we see" in contrast to "reality", we never see reality as it is. I shoot a bit of a similar way he does, though I concentrate more on a classical appearence and I try to reduce the draganisation effect by now. Ronald

Brilliant Artist

I have met Andrzej a few times and he truly inspires me and I love his vision and work. A true artist! Crash

Nice Preview!!!

I have heard about Andrzej and I know some information about him. I think he is one of the best photographers at his age. I appreciate his overall talent as a composer cum photographer. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.