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Ara Güler

A Life Time Achievement

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The master photographer from Istanbul speaks to FotoTV users about his journey as a photographer and his approach to the subject.
Ara Güler abandoned his early start in cinema and theater in favour of journalism. He liked travelling to new places and seeing new things. A journalist according to him, is a discovery man - finding something new always. He makes a point about photography capturing reality and thereby truth, for posterity and in that context says that every photographer plays an important role of a visual historian.
From capturing just moments in time, Are Güler slowly moved to capturing people as well. When he travelled to a new place he takes the chance to visit and photograph some of the local artists as he feels they are an important fabric of our lives. His portraits of such artists went on to receive world fame. He concludes with a comment that its not just the flamboyant artists that are important but other people as well.
Ara Güler lives and continues to photograph in Istanbul, a city that he loves. His earlier pictures of the city seem to help him keep his memories of the gone days in Istanbul, alive. He has traveled to all corners of the world and held photographic interviews with such famous personalities as Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi, Bertrand Russel, Bill Brandt, Alfred Hitchcock, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and many more in that league. He has received countless awards including the title of Master of Leica, which is very rarely given to photographers. His work has been the subject of exhibitions and the world's most famous publishers have featured his photographs. In 1961 the Paris Magnum Agency. He was listed among the world's seven best photographers in the English Photography Annual Anthology published in Britain.


The subtitles are a little

The subtitles are a little bit distracting.

I love his approach in film making

Well I would agree with him because in journalism you have the most time to be with the local people you will have access to almost anything..and experienced what the local people experience.