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Sex & Death

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Araki Nuboyoshi is perhaps the most famous and controversial photographer of Japan. Araki breaks all the rules: His photography is very subjective and direct, it might even be too close for some people.

The interaction of sex, death and beauty has found its place in the works of Araki Nuboyoshi. In his country, he is a pop star. We were lucky to meet him for this interview during his exhibition "Araki Gold" in Rome.


Araki = Fearless

... after watching this interview with Araki I was completely blown away by the his fearlessness. True, he seems to be breaking every rule, especially the photographic ones... Is it that the older You get the less You fear things ? In Araki's case I certainly think so... Of course success plays a role as well, You keep on doing what You're good at. Araki, as well as Duane Michals stresses the fact that You need to pour Yourself into what You shoot. In Araki's case he's essentially chronicling his own life dashing around, frolicking and obviously having a great time. Anything is a worthy Araki subject: cityscapes, genitals, toy dinosaurs and his beloved old cat... His collegue and friend Moriyami, in being asked to describe Araki, simply put it "Araki is a camera"