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Commercial- and Artwork by Anthony Nagelmann

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In this film, photographer Antony Nagelmann discusses his work, his perspective and personal appreciation of photography as an artistic medium. Having traveled to over 60 countries, Nagelmann’s clients include Delta Airlines, Microsoft, Nokia, Nissan/Infiniti, American Express, etc. During this film he shares some of the shots and outtakes from his unique experience photographing for Delta Airlines Inc., a mammoth advertising assignment that took him 27 countries over the course of 9 months. Nagelmann’s images are poetic. He describes the difference between his commercial work and personal work, lies with the degree of intimacy, which is pleasantly ironic, because when viewing his commercial work it is clear that, that is exactly why his clients booked him: because of his insightful, intimate portrayal of his subjects. He shows us perspectives that most people do not see. “I like to show how people relate to the space that they are in, and how the space relates to the people. The negative space becomes alive and dynamic”, explains Nagelmann. If Nagelmann talks like a painter, it is because he was. He began taking pictures to supplement his painting, and he soon realized his skills as a painter were not as impactful as his skills as a photographer. And the rest is history. Combining contemporary aesthetics, intimate life, and his personal perspective, Nagelmann strives to communicate the integrity and significance of photographic images as expressions of human thought, imagination, and creativity. Nagelmann bases his exclusive commitment to the medium of photography on his intent and integrity within his photographs, truly showing his vision as a contemporary artist. His personal work displays a diverse array of array of subject matter and style, and has been exhibited in galleries and museums in three continents including the National Portrait Gallery in London, The Royal Photographic Society, Michael Hoppen Gallery, and Aspen, Colorado. He is the recipient of several international awards.


different style

I could only say wow on the artist style, he can capture a million story in just one shot, that is why he is very in demand in the business

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