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Available Light

With Steven Van Veen

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In this film, photographer Steven van Veen demonstrates a spectacular shoot focusing on shooting with available light in an enclosed location. Van Veen gives FotoTV viewers an effective tips and techniques on how to effectively photograph a natural light setting by simply using the location and a large picture window.

Van Veen's shooting this time makes the best of a bad weather situation day to create a soft, even lighting, with practically no shadows, and by styling the model to match her surroundings van Veen further enhances the subtle light situation to his advantage to create stunning and beautiful shots. Van Veen stresses, to recreate this shoot all you need is a large window and an overcast sky, and at the time of year in autumn in winter that should not be a problem. So get out and shoot some spectacular shots.

Based out of his studio in Schwanau, Germany, Van Veen has worked for a multitude of clients in television, advertising, periodicals, fashion and media. He also leads his own workshops for fellow photographers as well as being a regular contributor for FotoTV.



thanks for this movie ,i can understand him very good (i am not a nativ speaker) i like this situation and its well illustrated about the light situation but i miss where the flash is located.


If this is shot with availible light only, why does he have Pocked Wizard and stobes also? Pocket Wizard and strobes are not available light, so this is kind of a fake video.


Hi, I looked at it and it's a mix of things: I can assure you no flash was used. WE had done films before that one in the studio, that's why his Pocket Wizard is still on the camera. The light was very quickly going away, so in the rush we just forgot to take the Pocketwizard off. Stupid... I think you can probably event tell in 2 scenes that it isn't 'on' because I think Pocketwizards have little LEDs. Finally, the cutter put in white 'Flashes' to separate the picture from the film, which makes you believe there is a flash used. So no tricks here, just two mistakes that make you believe we used a flash. BEst, MArc

Typo or slip of the tongue?

Just a very trivial point: On giving the camera settings for his first shot van Veen says the f-stop is 3.2 but the info panel shows f 2.3. I know it's irrelevant - sorry! I liked this short video and the subtle grey tones do really work well to offset the vibrant skin tones of the model's face.


Like this video, however would be interested to see what else is necessary to get these kind of pictures. Is there a long subsequent work in photoshop necessary?

Thank you!

I like Steve's calm and relaxed way to explain things. It is so good to shoot with available light on a cloudy day... the colours, no hard shadows on the model's face- and so easy to handle! and btw: what else could you do with such a cloudy rainy day :)


AnneMie: I agree, he is so calm. I am not a native speaker but this guy I can understand well.