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Based on A True Story

Interview with David Alan Harvey

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In this FotoTV interview, famed photographer David Alan Harvey talks about his early beginnings in photography. He is known for his charismatic images, often exploring subjects such as poverty, urban life, and cross culture.

Early on as a child during a hospital stay he spent much of his time reading, Life Magazine in particular. Even though he was only eight years old he had gotten his first camera, but it wasn't until he was 12 years old on a camping trip did he realize that he wanted to take photos himself.

At age 21 he had a job working on the beach and he was enjoying his time surfing and partying. It was at this time he decided to venture out away from the beach to where he was drawn into the culture of black people who lived across the tracks from the beach, which was actually the beginning of his working on his first documentary "Tell it like it is".

Harvey goes on to share stories of his close work with cultures such as criminals, wealthy individuals, drug dealers and police officer. His book project, "Based on a True story was a subtitle of "One night in Rio" Where he successfully penetrated every social group living there at the time.