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Beautiful Disasters

Interview with David Drebin

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Davin Drebin was born in Toronto, Canada. At first he attempted becoming an actor but then he decided to work behind the camera. He visited the Parsons New School für Design and graduated in 1996.

After that he very fastly conquers the photo business, worked for big magazines like Vainty Fair, Travel + Leisure or Rolling Stone as well as a portrait photographer for prominents such as Charlize Theron or Kevin Bacon.
In the last ten years David has published several books, the youngest is called "Beautiful Disaster". In our FotoTV. interview he talks about that book: About the men's fantasies to take an possess beautiful women and about the danger that is hidden behind the beauty.

David talks about love and his averseness to the statement "I love you". He proposes using the phrase "I love myself with you". As an analogy to that David feels success when somebody says: "I see myself in your picture" - and not: "I see your picture".