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Bert on the Street 4

Focused Approach against too much Impressions

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In the first three parts of our street photography series with Bert Stephani we have learned a lot about photographic techniques, styles and attitudes. In this degree, Bert is concerned about the topic of overstimulation:
Equipped with all the knowledge and skills the photographer goes into the streets of the city and realizes that there are lots of impressions and possibilities. This can quickly become too much for him and overwhelm his perception, which in the worst case falls into the tunnel vision mode and no longer recognizes the valuable opportunities for really good pictures.
To prevent this Bert has a self-proven method: It is good to focus on a particular keyword or a superordinate topic, and to use this perceptual steering to recognize what is appropriate and to ignore the unimportant. In this way, the photographer remains so relaxed that he suddenly also has opportunities for images that do not directly have something to do with the focused object.