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New Video online: photokinaTV - Broadcastingsoftware mimoLive

September 25, 2016 - 13:12 — NewVideoAlert

A photokinaTV 2016 Video

You've probably noticed that we send photokinaTV and the presentations of our FotoTV. movie stars live to you this year. This requires a suitable software that among other important features should be stable especially!
For years FotoTV. is a very satisfied user of Boinx's Mac solution which formerly was called BoinxTV and has been renamed in mimoLive (Multi-In, Multi-Out Live Video Engine) now.
Leonard Christian is a guest at the photokinaTV stage and shows the streaming software and it's innovations. It can control up to nine different image sources. In addition, mimoLive works with Youtube and other social media platforms that allow livestream. The relatively low price makes it possible for smaller projects to use this solution.


New Video online: photokinaTV - Sigma Straight Forward

September 23, 2016 - 11:40 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: photokinaTV

A photokinaTV 2016 Video

Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma Cooperatioon, was guest at photokinaTV already in 2012. He came with an impressive challenge for the near future: He wanted to revolutionize the company, making Sigma the leading supplier of lenses in the high-end range.
Now, four years later, we see in the interview: Sigma has really given full throttle! Yamaki shows several brand new lenses and a camera whose features are forward-looking, in fact, and certainly juggle opposites: For example, the opposites of sharpness and bokeh, size and ease as well as of quality and the demands of a low price were decoupled by the Sigma engineers.
Yamaki and his team have put a lot of strength and sweat into this technical change process. Such a big project will only work with motivated employees. Yamaki also gives an insight into the collaboration of engineers.


New Video online: photokinaTV - Peter Hurley and his Headshot-Crew

September 22, 2016 - 11:28 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Portrait Photography

We didn't plan it and didn't thought it would be possible spontaneously. But Peter Hurley, the head of his international Headshot-Crew, gave us an interview for photokinaTV.

The Headshot crew is the world's largest team of professional headshot photographers. Headshot Photography is a very special trend of portrait photography that was mainly developed by Hurley in the USA. Now it begins to influence the European photography, too.

In the interview Hurley describes details to his style, shows image examples und tells anecdotes from his photographic life.


New Video online: photokinaTV - Product News of Olympus

September 20, 2016 - 14:52 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: photokinaTV

A photokinaTV 2016 Video

At this year's photokina Olympus again waits with some great new products. In our interview Toshiyuki Terada shows a few of them .

The favorite is of course the new camera model, the EM - 1 Mark II. Compared to the quite similar predecessor the shutter speed has been increased significantly. Also the video features was screwed: This new camera is 4K -capable.

In addition, three new lenses are presented, including a 25mm - f / 1.2 lens.

Also in the compact camera sector something new has happened: The new PEN model is not only technically impressive but has also been pimped optically lovingly.


New Video online: photokinaTV - Product Development of Olympus

September 20, 2016 - 13:19 — NewVideoAlert

A photokinaTV 2016 Video

Toshiyuki Terada is responsible for Olympus' marketing. At photokina 2016 Marc Ludwig spoke with him about product development.

Marc asks him how Olympus comes to that great technical breakthroughs year for year. The principle is quite simple: Ask the customer for his needs and listen closely to what he says.

Terada reports on the current market voice. Among other things, the customer request an interface between the camera and the internet that already exists in the smartphone area.


New Video online: Ragnar Axelsson

September 7, 2016 - 17:00 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Landscape Photography

Inuit and Farmers

We've visited photographer Ragnar Axelsson in Iceland for an interview. He reports on his books "Last Days of the Arctic" and "Behind the Mountains" that took many years until completion.

"Last Days of the Arctic" documents the life of Greenland's natives, the Inuit. Ragnar describes the human impact on the Arctic and the risks he had to face.

"Behind the Mountains" tells the story of an Icelandic shepherd. Ragnar followed him since adolescence. He documented his work in the mountains of Iceland and his gradual changing life.

Observe Ragnar's world of snow, ice, nature and its danger.


New Video online: Changing the Direction of Natural Light

August 24, 2016 - 15:26 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Lighting Techniques

Flash and Sun combined

We paid a visit to Bert Stephani in Belgium. He stepped into the woods with his fellow speedlight. With it, he tries to change the direction of ambient light. This can be achieved with the right combination of given light sources.

Bert's model is lit by daylight which becomes softened by clouds and surroundings. As he takes pictures, he demonstrates how to use a flash to combine it with natural light. After all he desires a natural look that doesn't give away the use of a speedlight.


New Video online: Oliviero Toscani

August 10, 2016 - 09:26 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Contemporary Photography | Portrait Photography

To Photograph the Soul

Oliviero Toscani is best known for his polarizing work for Benetton commercial campaigns in the 1990s. Most people will remember the pictures of a soldier´s bloodstained chlothes or an anorextic fashion model. But he does not want to be mistaken for an advertising photographer. Toscani sees himself as a witness of his time, he wants to show beautiful pictures of overlooked things. He creates photographs that demand courage to look at.

Further he is frequently working on his project "the human race". He already portrayed thousands of people all over the world in front of a white background, and there are still thousands to come.


New Video online: David Doubilet 2

July 29, 2016 - 14:08 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Nature Photography

Visual Dreams and Intense Curiosity

Underwater photographer David Doubilet guides through his retrospective exhibition in Iserlohn, Germany. He tells exciting stories and provides insight into some special shots.
Doubilet compares features of colour and monochrome pictures. He reveals his fascination with Antarctica and remembers encounters with animals around the planet.
He looks back on his work and career spent in the oceans of the earth.


New Video online: Composing with Time

July 13, 2016 - 16:47 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Landscape Photography

Serdar Ugurlu Tames the Sea

Time, Time, Time,, we never seem to have enough. And how can we use it effectively ?
In photography this is something that rarely gets any special attention. If there light enough we don' t even think about it.  And with Auto everything on the camera, this liability is covered ... automatically.

What if we were able to really think about time and how this bears on the photo and then... crazy as it sounds ... try to use TIME to creatively make a given static location look like  something different? This is what Serdar from Photographer's Crossing  has done in this really informative new film.

At a prime sunset location along the Atlantic coast, in beautiful Portugal, we see how varying the time can create all kinds of possibilities in your results.  With insider tips for diminishing light and what extras you might need for a seaside photo sojourn, Serdar jumps right in with recommended times and exposures to help you achieve the best effects with fast receding daylight, water and rocks. So rock on !


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