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New Video: Iterative Selective Gradient Masking

October 21, 2015 - 14:30 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Photoshop Techniques

Long Exposure Advanced Techniques 3

Iterative selective gradient masking or iSGM is the same as SGM but Joel demonstrates how incredible and very smooth looking effects can be obtained by applying SGM in an iterative way.

New Video online: Rembrandt Lighting 2

October 14, 2015 - 17:00 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Lighting Techniques

Tutorial with Oliver Rausch

Oliver Rausch is back with Part 2 of Rembrandt Light. Whereas in the first part we examined the placement of the lamp, in the second part  we examine the quality of the light and how to extend it.

With a quick recap of part one we jump right in to defining the problem. How to lighten the dark side without losing the form we established in placing the lamp? So does size matter? Once the light has been enlarged a check to see how, if at all the size changed the result. With this now behind us; the placement,size and form of the light we can finally address how we can lighten the dark side. Here is where the Oxen Guideline comes into play.

Oliver first defines what this hypothetical guideline is by relating the ring in the nose of the mdoel to the direction of the camera lens. It is then how, by using this line we can then effectively lighten the dark side. The simple rules of extending the light and the Oxen Guideline are fully exploited to achieve the best possible result. And once the rules are established and the best possible result is achieved.., Oliver shows us how to break them and why.

A good follow up to getting the maximum out of the classic Rembrandt lighting. Don't miss it!


New Video online: Michele Borzoni

October 7, 2015 - 16:56 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Photo-Journalism

A Portrait of the World

Michele Borzoni is an Italian photojournalist. He has been to Nepal, Kashmir and did stories about his homeland.

In 2006 he founded TerraProject to collaborate with photographers. Borzoni covers subjects ranging from social to documentary. He provides insight into strange cultures and past times, for which he travels the world.

A review on his work shows his fascination for the medium.


New Video online: Selective Gradient Masking

September 30, 2015 - 08:27 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Architecture Photography

Long Exposure Advanced Techniques 2

Selective Gradient Masking or SGM and iSGM are proprietary methods developed by Joel himself to merge differently treated parts of an image together in a natural way and to create subtle tonal transitions and depth in his work. While creating presence is a goal in his work, SGM is the ultimate tool to achieve that goal.

New Video online: Unconventional Light 2: Strobe Light

September 23, 2015 - 16:26 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Lighting Techniques

Workshop with Bert Stephani

Belgian photographer Bert Stephani knows how to turn a bare strobe light into a soft box with the help of his surroundings.

He likes to use the term of 'marinating' light, as light affects and is affected by its environment. Depending on the power, flashes can either be used as key or fill light.

Bert ultimately combines his strobe light with a diffused speedlight.


New Video online: Laia Abril

September 16, 2015 - 16:25 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Photo-Journalism

Who was Cammy?

Laia Abril comes from Barcelona, she studied journalism and then switched to photography. As a photographer she specialized in the representation of intimate women's issues.

Since 2010 she was working on a long-term project on eating disorders. In it she lit this topic in three major chapters each from a different perspective but always close. In the last chapter, The Epilogue, she documented the indirect victims of eating disorders on the basis of family Robinson who lost her daughter Cammy because of bulimia.

In our FotoTV. Interview Laia Abril reports about this project. She shows us a few pages from "The Epilogue" and explains the design and her artistic understanding.


New Video online: Rembrandt Lighting 1

September 9, 2015 - 16:11 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Lighting Techniques

Tutorial with Oliver Rausch

A real treat here from our resident Dutch Master Oliver Rausch exposing in a positive light the many advantages of the Rembrandt lighting. Oliver Rausch working from the Photo School Cologne on the Rhine has provided an in-depth view of the lighting required to produce this famous flattering light technique.

The accent is on placing the light to define the shadow regions and their importance to delineate the leading lines that draw the viewer in to the picture. There are many pitfalls to avoid and some common myths are also dispelled.

Besides the technical exercise we are also presented with the aesthetic approach taken by the masters to reflect the character of their subjects and to place them in the best possible light. Oliver brings his experience and his knowledge demonstrating this technique as a no compromise lighting that works right every time if done correctly.

He also examines how form repetition helps accentuate and define the character motifs that this lighting is intended to bring out in the subjects. An altogether illuminating treatise of one master by another! Thanks Oliver!


New Video online: Creating Presence and Defining Edges

September 2, 2015 - 16:45 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Photoshop Techniques

Long Exposure Advanced Techniques 1

In this part Joel explains and demonstrates what separates his work from other work.

It’s the concept of creating presence in his images by altering tonal relationships and defining
edges that will eventually result in a subject with depth.


New Video online: Starting-Out Easy in Nude Photography

August 19, 2015 - 16:35 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Nude Photography

Simple Light Setting Providing Stress Relief end Elbow Room

Nude photography can include motion. There are poses and camera positions to achieve different perspectives.

Inexperienced photographers should start small regarding posing and lighting. Dan Hostettler presents some basics to get you going with your nude shoot.

Both lighting and poses are fail-proof for every image. This foundation enables more complex settings in the future.


New Video online: Jamel Shabazz

August 12, 2015 - 16:38 — NewVideoAlert
Tags: Contemporary Photography

Visual Medicine

Jamel Shabazz grew up in the 1960s in Brooklyn. His father was a professional photographer. The presence of photography at home inspired Jamel also to develop a passion for it.
In our FotoTV. interview he talks about the crack epidemic in Brooklyn early 80s and his strong desire to educate his people about the dangers of drugs. He recounts how he was taught with camera technique by his father. And the audience learns about Shabazz's career in the correction department, which in turn motivated him to use his photography as a visual medicine for helping people in prison and on the street to think and giving them hope.
In his view artists have responsibility for the world. They should strive to creatively serve the truth.


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