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Character Marketing

Business Coaching with Mike Larson

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To grow and develop your photography business there are many ways. One of them is to let your character market you. Mike Larson explains how Character Marketing works.

Mike Larson is a successfull estate and vineyard wedding photographer from California. He can pull upon several years of experience in how to work with your clients.

To make a good impression, it is important to let your character speak louder than your actions.

Mike Larson wants to share his opinion in this video which is quite unusual for FotoTV as there are nearly no images in the video. So have a look at more than 10 minutes full of advise from photographer Mike Larson.

At the same day we recorded this video, Mike Larson did a second one about Shooting Performance which is similar in doing to this one but will provide you with new advise on how to market yourself.