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Composing with Time

Serdar Ugurlu Tames the Sea

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Time, Time, Time,, we never seem to have enough. And how can we use it effectively ?
In photography this is something that rarely gets any special attention. If there light enough we don' t even think about it.  And with Auto everything on the camera, this liability is covered ... automatically.

What if we were able to really think about time and how this bears on the photo and then... crazy as it sounds ... try to use TIME to creatively make a given static location look like  something different? This is what Serdar from Photographer's Crossing  has done in this really informative new film.

At a prime sunset location along the Atlantic coast, in beautiful Portugal, we see how varying the time can create all kinds of possibilities in your results.  With insider tips for diminishing light and what extras you might need for a seaside photo sojourn, Serdar jumps right in with recommended times and exposures to help you achieve the best effects with fast receding daylight, water and rocks. So rock on !