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Couples at Ease

Mike Larson's Tricks to Unwind Models

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In this “How To” tutorial, photographer Mike Larson gives us tips on the specifics of shooting couples in an atmosphere to make them feel comfortable to make the best possible outcome to make the models and therefore the shoot look most appealing. Larson explains that it is his job to put the model at ease and make them feel as most comfortable as possible. His approach is to get the models to feel at ease and relaxed as soon as possible. He gives multiple tips on how to go about working with the models as if they were friends and not just subjects. He also suggests being extremely prepared, but laid back so to create an amicable atmosphere.

Larson’s style is very practical, something most photographers can appreciate He gives a very comprehensive list of technical and creative aspects that will help photographers create their own shots while building confidence for the models. Moreover, photographers wishing to learn the rules of shooting couples so that the photos are useable will find this video very informative. The most important thing when shooting couples is the relationship between them and the personal relationship with your subject, especially the body language and interaction between them. Larson works with his models in a way that he puts them at ease so that everything they are doing feels comfortable. Intimate shots of a couple touching or tickling each other, or, even being very far away at times for that matter can be extremely difficult at times, especially if the couple feels that they are doing something unexpected. Keeping models relaxed is the key to perfect, professional results. Larson also points out how to solve simple problems that can arise on a portrait shooting, such as keeping both models animated and engaged so that they feel part of the shoot, all with a casual undertone.

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This is not a about technical

This is not a about technical stuff. It's about how to deal with people.

how to make your clients at ease at a shoot

Mike has a great way to explain how he tries to make his clients feel good at a shoot and I think this is essential for consistantly good results. Well, as "asklein" mentioned above, right, this is not a technical problem with the camera, lens or some other equiptment. But it is so important to have relaxed, happy customers. I totaly agree, that you need such an atmosphere to come up with excellent photos of your clients. That feeling will be most likely transported by word of mouth recommendation to friends and family and might produce more bookings in the future. Well, for me this was a very helpful tutorial. For all the newcommers to this field of business I will highly recommend to watch this.