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Create a Movie Scene

Kate Breuer Creates a Cinematic Look

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In this video Kate Breuer shows, how to create a cinematic effect, that makes your pictures look like they were taken out of a movie.

She adds a hue/saturation adjustment layer to create the brown-golden color typical for movies and to add some contrast and satuartion.

In the next step, she adds some black bars at the top and bottom to make the viewer think of 16:9 movies at television.

Finally, she draws in some back lighting by painting with a white, smooth brush on a new layer.

Learn how to make your own images look like cinematic art!


A realy great look

.....i took this effect at one of my own movies (made with an 5DMkII). i modified it for my own style with CS5extd. With this little trick you can make an blockbuster movie look at home! :) Good work Kate!

nice tool

Well this is a way by which one can make use of their free hours and also at the same time learn something that might be very useful as capturing images and videos takes place to us most days of the week.