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Creating an Analogue Look

Shooting with Constant Light

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Ralph Man is back and with a very helpful look at how to achieve "that look".  A real trend lately is a natural creamy enamel look and this is often achieved using continuous lighting as opposed to the standard flash strobes.

Ralph gives a demonstration using a simple light setup to demonstrate the technique and the result. With the help of model Arielle from Model Pool Düsseldorf. The trendy natural look that is now seen quite often in fashion shootings is explained clearly using fixed continuous lighting and then contrasted with the same setup using strobe lights. We get the theory and the practice thanks to Ralph's hands-on approach.

Part of the "natural look" implies a certain degree of acceptable un-sharp elements. Ralph show how to introduce the exciting element into the picture and give examples of how less is more.

These elements of the "classical" look are then applied to the Black and White medium and we see the benefits of combining the classic natural lighting look with the classic medium of black and white. A discussion of whether to introduce "digital" grain or not is also included here in this film investigating the use of continuous lighting.

We're sure you will get something beneficial out of this film so tune in.