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The Diving Pepper Shooting

Tutorial with the studioCOMMUNITY

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Those wacky guys at the studioCOMMUNITY are back. This time they've done a studio action shot. Stop-action shooting when varios objects take a dive in an aquarium.  First they give us a look at what they want to achieve and invite us along for the ride. 

Nikita and Maxim guide us through the set. We see why it's important to isolate the corners of the aquarium. As we all know Gaffers tape rescues every set.  Black paper is added to cancel the main back glass reflections and we're in business.

The lighting setup is then explained in detail. Maxim shares his tips about covering the equipment and cleaning the glass after each shot to keep the focus from being confused. Additional bubbles are manually introduced and the final shots are very promising. Maxim explains briefly the steps done in the intense post processing and we get to see the final product at the end.

This film is a lot of fun and explains the process so that virtually anyone can recreate this set. Enjoy!