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Editorial Shooting

Hubertus Küppers Tells a Story

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Fashion and Lifestyle photographer Hubertus Kuppers is on a mission to enlighten us about Editorial Shooting. 

If you're not sure what this means, not a problem. The definition and the practice are here in one simple to follow article. After defining what is and what isn't an "Editorial" He takes us through his assignment. In addition to giving the editorial a common element, he proceeds to define the lighting and why specific to this situation he did the lighting in this way.

To demonstrate a principle of uniformity, we see how consistency in style, lighting, and recurring elements all add up to make this an editorial. As a final twist to what has gone before a final series of close-ups are added and explained in relation to the final production.  This is really a good chance to see an assignment in practice and find applicable elements you too can use when making your own editorials.