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Ernesto Bazan 2

Workshops and Book Publishing

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The second part of Ernesto Bazan’s incredible interview with FotoTV focuses on his workshop teachings and his photographic book. Bazan had been working as an editorial photographer for many years from assignments from magazines doing mainly travel stories. But in 2002 after 20 years of doing the same thing he became bored with the assignments. 

Soon another revelation came to him one night and urged him to be a workshop teacher of photography. He has no idea how he was going to be a good teacher and his first student was the one who helped him put together a website. Eight students show up to his first workshop. He taught them about framing and composition and he slowly started to give up commercial photography altogether, now only doing workshops in Latin America. There were two great gifts Bazan received doing workshops: Helping his students become better photographers and the incredible gift of now being able to do his own personal work.

The workshop definitely changed his life and in 2006 he was summoned to the police station in Havana and accused by an immigration official of teaching journalistic photography. Bazan denied this and stated he was après photographer but he was teaching a photography workshop. The official then threatened his family in Cuba so Bazan had to leave with his family escaping to Mexico. At this point he realized it was time for him to do a book on his photographic life of 14 years of his work, so he asked his students to help him edit his book so a publishing company would not ruin his perspective or story he wanted to tell. After making a dummy version of the book he then asked his students to critique the book. It was the very same 50 students who helped him edit and critique his book who received the first 50 limited edition silver gelatin print books. This helped him finance the book and he feels proud that the book was created with the help of his students.

Please feel free to view the special YouTube video presentation after this video, which was created especially for this segment.


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