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Fabio Borquez Nude Photography

Nude Photography Workflow

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In this FotoTV film, Argentine, Germany based photographer, Fabio Borquez discusses the method and approach to his work, while treating viewers to an inviting, sensual nude shooting. For this film, Borquez begins the shooting with his make-up artist comprehensively explaining the four steps of make-up and hair application; foundation, eyes, lips and hairstyling respectively. As with most nude or erotic shootings for men's glossy magazines, "smoky eyes" are used to successfully enhance a sexy image.

This technique is widely known by photographers and make-up artists to create a dark and stylized look to contrast with the rest of the image. Furthermore, the make-up artist gives tips and tricks to help make the model's eyes appear visually larger, a trusted method to draw the viewer into the picture.

Borquez recommends working with the model at a comfortable pace, especially when doing nudes. Generally, there is only a short time of introduction between model and photographer, sometimes there is just ten minutes to get to know the model before the shoot begins, therefore Borquez stresses the importance of being respectful and tactful, giving consideration to the model, allowing ample time to feel comfortable once on set. Rushing the model is the furthest thing on Borquez's mind.

Using only two lights for his set-up, Borquez starts with just the main strip-light to show the difference in style and quality before he adds the effect light for the hair, a modified 'rim-light of sorts, which clearly adds more dynamic to the overall photo. Borquez creates his photos with carefully controlled subtlety and the model appears comfortable and at ease, albeit with a striking impression of sensual vividness and detail. Borquez’s nude photography has been exhibited in museums and art galleries worldwide as well as published in renowned men's magazines, such as, GQ and Playboy.



...that he is shooting with permanent light. The resulting light is good! BTW.: I really like the smokey eyes and the hairdo that the stylist did. Nude Photography with Speedlights