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Flash Systems

Searching the Best Portable Flash

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This film is a further installment from the series “Off-Camera Flash”. Photographer Martin Krolop discusses an important topic; the question which flash – when – how – where to use it, and what flash is best suited for your specific needs in photography. Krolop lists the most important criteria; the power of the flash, its strength, how long is the recycle time between shots, and the operability and how well can the settings on the flash be regulated. Beginning with a presentation of several flashes, Krolop subsequently tests each one, giving complete information on the Canon 580, the SB-28 from Nikon, then a small old 580 EZ from Canon, proving just how useful and relevant old flashes can be when we simply just need light. Furthermore, Krolop demonstrates practical examples, demystifying all those charts, tables and such so we learn the simple logic behind working with portable flash units. Based out of Bonn, Krolop comprises half of the creative team at Krolop & Gerst photography. Combining traditional photography techniques with the latest technology and software, Krolop and Gerst specialize in editorial, fashion, location and wedding photography, providing excellent visual solution services to many satisfied clients.