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Grey Filters in Landscape Photography

Tutorial with Serdar Ugurlu

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Sedar Ugurlu is back on the coast of Portugal to help us understand the function and use of grey filters. He readily shares his own preferences and experience as to which filter types and why when making timed exposures.

Since his subject is typically landscapes he shows us two different types of neutral density filters An explanation in the way vendors mark their filters and how the markings translate to f-stops and exposure compensation and their relevant calculations is given a thorough treatment.

In his demonstration and application we see how to use the properties of the neutral density filter in combination with a standard grey filter. Which filters for which applications is discussed as well as what additional accessories might be useful, cable release,  exposure calculation apps, filter mounts etc.

If you've been wondering how to make breathtaking timed exposures with dramatic skies.and sculptured seascapes. You can start right here... grab your tripod...