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Hans Strand

The Beauty of Complexity

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In this special FotoTV interview, landscape and nature photographer, Hans Strand, gives viewers a delightful eyeful by sharing some of his photographic work shot on locations of epic beauty.

Strand began with photography much later than what is usually expected. He was 26 years old when he purchased his first camera while on a field excursion with his fellow university students in the United States. His first pictures were made at Yosemite National Park. He had now seen nature before his eyes in a different light.

To him, nature was the cradle of mankind and it was strong empathy that took him from being an engineer, to become a passionate and professional photographer. It is no coincidence that Strand finds Iceland to be so mythical to him. As a Swedish national, long sun-filled nights are not unfamiliar to him. The arctic light and four-hour sunsets is a proverbial jackpot for location photographers. The lasting sunlight and warm colors captivate Strand, but the aerial view of Iceland inspires him more.

Strand travels to offbeat places and locations, in wild natural settings. Places that have not been over-photographed. Strand explains that he searches his locations in a personal way, he wants to feel that he makes an artistic contribution with his pictures and not repeat what many great masters of photography before him have accomplished.

Strand's images seem to draw out complexity over beauty. Soon it is clear his abstract photos become gradually something of beauty, noted for their complexity.