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Hard - Direct = Soft

Martin Krolops Sunblocker

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In this film, photographer Martin Krolop covers the exciting topic of shooting in the style of the glossy women's magazines for FotoTV viewers.

Step-by-step Krolop points out the key elements to recreate a shooting as those seen on the covers of renowned magazines. He carefully points out the significance of having soft even light and clear sharp eyes. These techniques are being used by professional magazines and Krolop shows viewers how to use shade as a highly effect photographic instrument. By blocking out the direct sunlight over the model, he uses the natural illumination from all the objects in his surrounding scene. Everything casts a reflection due to the direct overhead sunlight and it is these reflections that Krolop cleverly uses as his main light.

Krolop's technique to achieving the soft light like that on a magazine cover is subtracting light, not adding it. Even though Krolop uses a sun swatter during this film, he will make use of anything he has nearby to use as shade, even a tree if necessary.

In conclusion, Krolop's information and demonstrations will help photographers get magazine cover quality pictures while shooting outside in direct sunlight-- simply by blocking it out.

Based out of Bonn, Krolop comprises half of the creative team at Krolop & Gerst photography. Combining traditional photography techniques with the latest technology and software, Krolop and Gerst specialize in editorial, fashion, location and wedding photography, providing excellent visual solution services to many satisfied clients.