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Here Comes the Water

Take a Shower With Herbert Wannhoff

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FotoTV Warning: “When reproducing the following Film-Workshop, we urgently advise you to heed the necessary measures relevant to the safety precautions for electricity and water."

In this very exciting film "Here comes the water", photographer Herbert Wannhoff gives us a guided step-by-step walkthrough on how to actually bring running water into the studio.

Along with emphasizing the many safety issues of working with water and electricity in the studio, he also focuses on the economical aspects related to such a shooting. Wannhoff finds very simple yet, clever ways to produce first-class results on an otherwise very economical budget. He explains every aspect in detail; from the materials used, to the little tricks and mistakes that fellow photographers should avoid.

Wannhoff's personable attributes shine through as we watch him work with his models. There is something to be learned in the amiable way he runs his photo-shoots. The models seem completely at ease as Wannhoff produces incredible work, shot after shot, right before our very eyes. Wannhoff was born in Hilden, Germany. Today he resides in Langenfeld, NRW. Having received his first camera at age 10 he has literally turned a hobby into a great passion. He has been seriously focusing on photography since 1999.

His primary points of interests, and therefore his specialties are; portrait and nude photography, as well as devoting more time to further develop his interest in panoramic photography. He also works as a consultant for Artlight-Studios in Leichlingen, Germany, a fully equipped and easily accessible studio, which is very "photographer-friendly". Wannhoff describes his main objectives in photography are the people he photographs. This is obvious when we view his arousing work. There is a humanistic quality in his photos that cannot be overlooked.


Excellent tips

A lot of helpful tips in this video. I wish you good light! -- Michael

I have to try this, its

I have to try this, its brilliant!


Hi, thanks for this greatful instruktions, your samples are looking very good markus