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Highkey Shooting

Nude Highkey Photography with Steven van Veen

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In this film, photographer Steven van Veen shoots a high-key sexy lingerie scene, while giving us effective tips, technical aspects, the definition of high-key and techniques on how to enhance specific details for fine art photography. When photographing in high-key, van Veen points out that normally no dark elements are produced into the image.

However, van Veen approaches the topic somewhat unconventionally in that he photographs a model with dark hair. The effect is amazing and definitely an interesting dynamic to the known standard. Van Veen stresses the importance to make test-shots before beginning to shoot and gives us all used apertures, shutter speeds, distances and lighting schemes in order to get good results. His resulting photos are not only sensual, but also truly aesthetic. His photos are indicative of his great passion for the human form, paired with his imaginative uses of light.

It is clear that van Veen is a master of numerous photography techniques, but he is equally highly skilled when working with his models to bring out that special moment when everything joins perfectly, working together in harmony; lighting, model and photography. Based out of his studio in Schwanau, Germany, van Veen has worked for a multitude of clients in television, advertising, periodicals, fashion and media. He also leads his own workshops for fellow photographers as well as being a regular contributor for FotoTV.


Simple but effective. Thanks

Simple but effective. Thanks for that! Regards Ralph W. Lambrecht

I love this model :)

I love this model :)


agreed! :D


having seen first the video about high key portraits - again I like the way Steven does his job. Very interesting - thank you!


interesting video, beautiful model, thanks good light