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Jacob Aue Sobol

Photographer Of Encounters

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In this very personal interview with FotoTV, documentary photographer Jacob Aue Sobol talks about his career and details three of his most meaningful projects to date: “Sabine”, “I, Tokyo” and “The Gomez-Brito Family” of Guatemala.

Sobol’s striking pictures from the project Sabine resulted from his incredible experience living in Greenland and his personal love of Sabine. After his first trip to Greenland he returned home to Denmark only to find out after developing his film he had only photographed the clichés of Greenland, the way any person from Denmark would expect to see the Inuits of Greenland, so he went back determined to capture a more subjective view of the society and life there. It was on this second trip that Sobol’s photographic style and approach to photography changed forever. He fell in love with Sabine and began living with her and her family, hunting and fishing with them. Armed with a Contax compact camera to document everyday life and situations he experienced, he felt liberated, photographing only what was intimate to him and most of all it was Sabine. He was fascinated by the spontaneous way she expressed her happiness, and it was these moments he wanted to remember and keep.

Sobol advanced his photographic story-telling ability when he next went to Guatemala. There he learned Spanish to communicate with the people there, while living with an indigenous host family for a month to document their everyday life.

Moving along, Sobol details his experiences while living in Tokyo and his pictures are absolutely stunning, rich with intimacy and emotion, reflecting how he felt when he lived in Tokyo, and these images accurately interpret the closeness he had to the people he encountered while there.

Sobol has developed his own language within photography, using his mistakes to create something different. His work is more subjective than objective and more about confrontation than harmony, but always with the latent intention of sharing something that is very close to him. His photography is remarkable not because of his choice of camera, film or darkroom technique, but because of his personal approach and choice of subject matter and composition.


Very informative!

Very informative!

one of the best every seen!

...theses videos are the reason why i look fotoTV. hope to see more about the skill of those artists! oliver