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John Davies

The British Landscape

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John Davies is one of the most important British photographers. Born 1949 in Sedgefield, UK, Davies became famous for his detailed views of the english industrial landscape. His black and white photographs tell stories about processes, changes and transformation of Great Britain. He describes his works as documentary landscape photographs.

In the mid-70s, John Davies began with the analysis of wild and natural landscapes of the British Isles and its changes caused by the climate before he decided to devote himself to the documentation of british cities. Here he concentrated on the changes provoked by the industrial and post-industrial landscape.

Some years ago, John Davies started the Metropoli project, to document the major post industrial cities in the UK from high vantage points to reveal the architectural infrastructure and topography of the city. Those tales from topographic cities were shown during a retrospective at the PhotoEspaña in Madrid and the National Media Museum in Bradford.