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Jürgen Schadeberg

Photography is History

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In this film, photographer Jürgen Schadeberg discusses his career, how he began as a photo editor and how the style of his work has evolved.

Schadeberg shares some poignant personal stories including how shooting in South Africa during Apartheid has influenced the style of his work and also meeting South African civil rights leader, Nelson Mandela, and the opportunity of photographing him in the jail cell he had occupied.

As Schadeberg sees it, “Photography is both discovery and history”. His brilliant photographs of the life and struggle of South Africans during Apartheid have educated and touched so many.  

Befittingly, and with reference to his website, “Schadeberg, sometimes known as “The Father of South African Photography”, is a principle figure in South African and World Photography. His major body of work, which spans 60 years and incorporates a collection of some 100,000 negatives, captures a wealth of timeless and iconic images.”