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Larry Towell

People without Land

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Larry Towell is a photographer and also operates as a musician and storyteller. He lives with his family on a farm in Canada. He was the first Canadian member of Magnum. Since the mid-80s photography is his source of livelihood.
Through the for him very impressive time as a volunteer helper in India in the mid-70s his work is characterized by the gap between rich and poor. Main subject in almost all works are the "landless people" which means the rural population without land.
Towells first projects in which this motif already took place originated in Central America and dealt among others with the Counterrevolutionaries in Nicaragua, the civil War in El Salvador and the "Disappeared" in Guatemala. He later documented the Mennonites in Mexico and even his own family in Canada.
After he was a strong defender of the black and white film his recent works have given way to the changing times. In those younger works there are color photos als well as multimedia influences such as video or music.