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Lea Lund & Erik K.

Portraits of Love and Obsession

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In this FotoTV. interview Lea Lund and Erik K. talk about their meeting and their photographic long-term project.
In July 2011, the two met by chance because Erik, a guest at a wedding, smoked a cigarette outside on the street. This encounter turned into the first photo and that into a love affair - since then Lea photographs Erik. She does this every day, all over the world and from every angle.
Erik always remains the motive, but the real theme of the pictures are the places where they emerge. The two pay very much attention to the local setting and to special picture elements.
Lea's background as a designer leads her to draw all pictures with drawings. She doesn't betray us, what exactly and how she does it. "It would be careless," she says with a smile.