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Lifestyle vs Portraits

Mike Larson Shows Us the Difference

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There are photographers who know the difference between lifestyle and portrait photography, but there are also those who really don’t know or “see” the difference, regardless how many photos they take. In this video, Mike Larson explains the difference between the two styles, shooting a couple with a fun, fresh and modern approach.

Portrait photography is when the subject is posing for the photographer in some way and Lifestyle photography is all about capturing “life” as it is happening, regular interactions, moments that memories are made of and the story they tell. Larson’s style is very practical, something most photographers can appreciate. Moreover, photographers wishing to learn the rules of shooting couples so that the photos are useable will find this video very informative. The most important thing when shooting portraits, especially those of a couple, is the body language and interaction between them. Larson works with his models in a way that he puts them at ease so that everything they are doing feels comfortable. Intimate shots of a couple cuddling or kissing, or being very close for that matter can be extremely difficult at times, especially if the couple feels that they are doing something awkward. Keeping models relaxed is the key to perfect, professional results. Larson also points out how to solve simple problems that can arise on a portrait shooting, such as keeping both models on the same focal plane and body positioning that will help for better posture or to elongate a model’s neck.

Larson’s approach to lifestyle photography is somewhat generous, but highly effective in that he prefers to shoot a great number of photos as the action is taking place, and since he always gives the couple a certain idea or exciting scenario to work on before shooting, he is guaranteed a winning shot out of the many variations from the images. Whether you are shooting a couple or one model, this video will definitely help you create your best portrait or lifestyle shot.


Very nice shots.

Very nice shots.


Mike Larson is a different personality in the photography field. He has explored many fantastic styles of photography. I think it is the main attraction towards his photographs. There is no any other person to fill his space and I don’t think that there will be a new person in the future.