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Lucien Clergue

Nude Photography at the Beach

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In this FotoTV film, photographer Lucien Clergue shares with viewers a very titillating erotic nude shooting on Salins du Midi Beach on the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, on 09.07.2010 with one of his favorite models, Natalia Iswara. The theme for Clergue's shooting for this film is water.

Regardless if it’s the way water caresses a female nude or the passionate intensity of the ebb and flow of the tide, Lucien Clergue immortalizes his images with grace and finesse. His nude images of Natalia are excellent, defined by secret shadows that curve over her over body, with water highlights that sparkle. Clergue had been given strong praise by several masters of painting and artistry. Clergue is inventive, a master of composition and of the use of light and shadow. The resulting images look effortless and natural; they are clean, sensuous yet pure, and attain a quiet, understated elegance.

Jean Cocteau described Clergue as "a poet with a camera." Pablo Picasso proclaimed Clergue "the Monet of the camera." Nudes are one of the most difficult subjects to get just right, and each viewer will have his or her own personal definitions of what is graceful, or tasteful, or altogether too much. Clergue's nudes however walk the tightrope of exquisiteness and provocation.

He clearly sees the body as natural landscape, where the curves can be used compositionally. His nudes of Natalia are covered by a flow of water, with the rounded forms of breasts, legs and bottom sinuously rising and falling, creating lines and forms that look like hills and valleys. His meticulous use of contrasts, of highlights and deep shadows, gives Clergue yet another set of tools to expand the traditional vocabulary of the nude joining seamlessly with our own sense of nude aesthetics.


Pure poetry

Amazing! How awesome can the creation of photographs be, if a master takes a minimalistic approach. No strobes, no reflectors - just beautiful natural light. This film proves it. It motivates me in a lot of ways. It shows a photographer who does not depend on a truckload full of gear. It shows a photographer who managed to keep his style and stay fresh at the same time for quite a period already. The model really boiled it down: his work is peotry - so is this film. Thanks a lot! I wish you good light! -- Michael Blog: Learn Beauty Lighting

The Master at Work

I have had the pleasure of knowing and sharing my work with Lucien! Everything that this young lady said about him was true, with much much more to the man. His work is timeless. The most important fact about Lucien is that he has his own vision!

knowledge with a beuty

mr.lucien u r simply great and i learn many things form this video,really u catch the true beuty of the woman specialy ur words regadring that ur mother touched my heart and lighting sense,angle and the concept of the photography is very much learning




Perfectly explains how one can transcend the beauty to the level of spirits by being natural, focussed and respectful. truely masterly and artful.lot to learn.

Its Nice Work

The Photographer is very nice way take all shots and he was not confuse like me or and take all the shots very nice way and politely that is like professional. its good..

Professional Work

I realy learn alot with this video and show the passion of doing you work sir.

Great Job


good work.

the photographer and modal were work together and produce a nice work to the nude art photography.

very tasty

amazingly artful shots out of a very minimalistic setup

nice job

the model is beautiful and photographer so polite, very nice colaboration

Beautifull woman from my country.

I'm from Colombia and I feel good when I can see art like this, ¡it's great!




Lucien, your work is perfect. My mind goes away watching this beautiful video. I think that one of the most important thing that she said, was TIMELESS!! GREAT JOB! Can you tell me what kind of lenses did you use and with wich f/? I would like to try it. Thanks



Very good video

Ah the master at work, very informative and educational, excellent work.

nice lecture

nice work, beach area should be more attractive

good job

its really great job


Agradezco la oportunidad de observar este tipo de material que en mucho me ayudara a perfeccionar mi fotografia, saludos.


good job


I like to see how he takes the shoot on a professional,yet amazingly familiar level. His child like behaviour in some cases show a lot of self esteem. Someone who doesn´t need to pose anything. Exceptional lightning for shots without any gear. I guess i will have to travel more, just to get those lightning situations!

nice woman

I like to see how he takes the shoot on a professional.

nude photography

very inspiring video package thank you sir

nude photography

looking with open mind to see and learn some of or all the technology and skill necessary to improve the quality of my pictures