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Microstock Photography

Workshop with Yuri Arcurs

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Members of met in Berlin to learn from the famous microstock photographer Yuri Arcurs how “to shoot images that sell”.

Yuri Arcurs professionell career as a microstock photographer has started three years ago with pictures of his girlfriend Cecile, who is now one of his most selling models.

We have visited this workshop for you and in this movie Yuri will introduce his way of microstock photography.




This is a great video! Thanks

He absolutely goes the extra mile

Wow, so much dedication! I think now I start getting an idea why he is the king of microstock. Awesome! Very good film! I wish you good light! -- Michael

Thank you

This was very informative workshop with lots of tips for the bigingers like me. Thanks to FotoTV for such opportunities.

Nice to have discussion of

Nice to have discussion of focus and lighting techniques. Thanks. -NJC

Totally dedicated..

This is very good video ever I've seen recently... Thank you very much.


This was very informative workshop with lots of tips for photographer like me from Nigeria. Thanks a million to FotoTV for this great opportunities.

Good Job!

Nice discussion from basic to advanced techniques. Thanks. It helps me a lot of things.

great info

very informative. thank you so much.

Great Job

I enjoyed the video very much. It was at first very interesting. Second thing I liked was that the video was made with two videocameras. Maybe there could be more detailed tips of photographers. I would prefer more time for one model and detailed tips for adjusting the camera in that special position or lighting. Thank you.

great Job Yuri

learnt a lot from this workshop.thanks a lot

not only...

...usefull for microstock, but also for lifestyle and portrait photography. thanks a lot for this!

interesting view to stock photography

thanks for sharing your knowledge and your experience how to create professional stock photos!!!!

Microstock Photography

Very nice video with intersting informations. No surprise this guy makes lot of money on microstock thanks for this tutorial wish you good light

food porn

one of the thong I want to shoot are the very subtle and yummy cuisines