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Munem Wasif

A Daily Life Photographer

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In this film, photographer Munem Wasif discusses his award winning photography and his inspiration and motivation behind his work, as well as his childhood growing up in Bangladesh. Wasif grew up in the tough economical conditions and at the urging of his uncle, enrolled in a preliminary photography course at a local institute. That first introduction to photography was all that Wasif needed to discover and grow his love for storytelling. After visiting a local film festival, Wasif decided to enroll in a more comprehensive photography school and it was there that his talent was discovered. It was guest lecturer, Barbara Strauss, who made the most impact on Wasif, giving him the guidance and feedback so necessary for him to begin sharing his work with a global audience. For Wasif, photography is powerful tool, enabling him to document a slice of life, freezing that moment forever. Wasif spends a lot of time documenting the daily life of Old Dhaka, finding similarities in the small town district with his childhood town of Comilla. Through rediscovering his own culture, Wasif aims to raise awareness around the world with his impelling images of his Bangladeshi homeland. Wasif fondly reminisces. “ Here is a scene I photographed of a young mother checking her daughter’s hair for lice as they stand on a makeshift balcony. I can remember exactly the same experience with me and my grandmother.” It is the intricate interpersonal relationship that propels Wasif forward to search out new scenes to photograph. His intentions are to give viewers a wider view of the stories that do not make everyday headlines so they can better evaluate what’s going on in his part of the world.