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Nude Photography I

Workshop With Greg Gorman

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In this special three part series, iconic photographer, Greg Gorman, leads a workshop in Zingst, Germany, while discussing portrait and nude photography.

For this segment Gorman focuses on the light set-up and his approach to photographing portraits and the human form with the aid of his model, Dorka. Using just a single light set-up, Gorman creates gorgeous photographs and it is clear why he is a master of photography. With over forty years of experience photographing Hollywood's biggest names, his work has graced the pages of hundreds of magazines.

By far the most important aspect of his work is his working relationship with his models while on set. Gorman finds it extremely important to communicate with his models and to make them feel comfortable. Using the face as a starting point Gorman studies the model and points out the best way to find her ideal angle to enhance her beauty.

Throughout the shooting, Gorman always takes comparison shots from the opposite angle to better evaluate his scene and gives helpful tips on how to optimally use a fill reflector. He also suggests trying out different things and angles when shooting to see what's working and what's not.

He also stresses the importance of having as much definition as possible when photographing nudes, demonstrating this by using cross light as opposed to direct light, which he says create intrigue. Gorman's photographs draw the viewer in because it's what is not told in the shadows that draw the viewers in.


Don't touch the model!

Liked it. Good instructions and interesting information, but I don't think touching the model that much is neither necessary nor appropriate. As Greg said: talk to the model, but don't touch her, and if you must; ask for permission before you do. Just my 5 cents worth. Regards Ralph W. Lambrecht


I found it very informative, but touching the model seemed inappropriate and disrespectful

ouch, rule number one!

It nearly hurts to watch him touching her oO Very unprofessional I'd say, but she actually didn't seem to care much. Either she's hiding it really good, or the two of them are very familiar with each other. In the beginning, he said that they've been working together for a year, so maybe it's ok for her. Anyway thats what he should have told the participants in this workshop: rule number one, never ever touch the model! (But I can, because...)

True - never touch, or...

...finally ask the model FIRST for permission. And touch her maximum SLIGHTLY to direct her in a desired pose. But in our experience and recommendation never like showed in this video. Dan -

cool video

very cool video great information about shooting nude photography

Nude 1

I didn't learn much from this video but I sure enjoyed it. Dorka is a stunning beauty, and although Gorman didn't explain the lighting in much detail his images tell the story well enough that an experienced photographer can tell what he did to achieve that effect.