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Nude Photography II

Workshop With Greg Gorman

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For the second installment of this special three part series, iconic photographer, Greg Gorman, leads a workshop in Zingst, Germany, while discussing portrait and nude photography for the male form with FotoTV.

This time Gorman focuses on the light set-up and his approach to photographing portraits for the male form with the aid of his model-photographer, Mike Lane from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Using a strong key light set-up and an edge light to separate Mike's body from the background, Gorman aims to create a more dramatic photograph and he does exactly that.

By far, the most important aspect of his work is his working relationship with his models while on set. Gorman finds it extremely important to communicate with his models and to not feel shy when working with them. He directs his male model through the segment with ease, even as he tells his model to suck in his belly, something Gorman finds no problem saying because does it respectfully. It is not necessarily the light that makes Gorman's photographs so intense; rather it is his how he uses the light that makes the picture more interesting.

Throughout the shooting, Gorman makes several exposure adjustments and lighting changes to capture the essence and personality of the model optimally. He also suggests shooting from a slightly lower angle when photographing someone that is not so tall, so to elongate the body.

Most noted for his work in black and white, Gorman shoots color for his workshop series and it is clear why he has been in the business for over four decades photographing for the world's most notable magazine and advertising clients.




very good!

interesting to watch male nude photography for a change. Small observation: some familiar faces in this video, model Swetlana sitting in the background and... was that really Guido Karp ATTENDING a workshop, instead of LEADING one?! :D