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Nude Photography III

Workshop With Greg Gorman

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For the third and final installment of this special three part series, iconic photographer, Greg Gorman, leads a workshop in Zingst, Germany, while discussing and demonstrating natural light portrait and nude photography with FotoTV and workshop participants.

The focal point of Gorman's discussion and demonstration today is natural light settings in low light circumstances for portrait and nude photography. Gorman specifically focuses on camera exposure settings and the analyzing of the model's face. As opposed to the second installment where Gorman uses a strong key light set-up and an edge light to separate the model's face and body from the black background, this time he uses a light somewhat overexposed background, a mixture of light tones and hues to create a soft, ethereal image with clean lines that are always straight and parallel.

Gorman emphasizes his rapport and working relationship with his models while on set and he finds it extremely important to routinely show the model either test Polaroids or images on the camera display so that they have an idea what he is shooting and how they look after the shot is taken. Gorman sculpts with light to render elegant and dramatic portraits and nudes. With the aid of a silver reflector he adds a kick to the overall image, making the photo more dynamic, therefore giving viewers an excellent demonstration of what can be done in fairly simple light.

Most noted for his work in black and white, Gorman shoots color for his workshop series and it is clear why he has been in the business for over four decades photographing for the world's most notable magazine and advertising clients.


fantastic images

I really love the high key images in this set, but I don't agree with Mr. Gorman about her hair in that profile ;) I think it's gorgeous :D Great video!


I like the way he´s talking to the model. Great Images.


I like it, she is a great model and it is very interesting to see how is a Profi working thanks


I like it, she is a great model and it is very interesting to see how is a Profi working thanks