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Nude Poses

Nude Photography With a Chair

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In this FotoTV film, photographer Corwin von Kuhwede is back with great tips and sensual views on how to take beautiful nude photos.

Today’s tutorial concentrates on the visual and compositional aspects of the photograph instead of focusing so much on the technical components. With just two lighting set-ups Kuhwede creates a simplistic and sensual atmosphere for nude photos. More important is the emphasis on the body and creating forms that are symmetrical and flowing. Kuhwede uses few props and photography equipment for today’s shooting. A chair will serve as his only prop to pose his model. And today Kuhwede directs his model to create several dynamic nude poses.

This tutorial is great for photographers that want to work on classic poses for the nude form as well as photographers that want to experiment with atypical poses. His two light set-ups are one main light with a reflector to illuminate the shaded areas of the face and one set-up with the light placed directly above the model. It is with this set-up that Kuhwede creates some unique and one a kind images.