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One Light Shooting

Portraits with the Softbox

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Photographer Martin Krolop gives FotoTV viewers a step-by-step studio set-up on how to photograph beauty or portrait lighting using one light.

Often photographers are used to the lighting set-up with a soft-box above the subject and a soft-box below the subject. The space between is where the photographers normally shoot from in a typical situation like this. But most photographers also know that this can be an annoyance, shooting from in between the soft-boxes and somehow always in front of the camera.

Krolop begins by explaining it does not always have to be this difficult and sets out to demonstrate the best method, position, and studio equipment to use to achieve the finest studio portrait lighting with just one light, and actually standing right in front of the soft-box itself—imagine that.

Focusing on all the most important technical aspects, Krolop delivers a winning tutorial and guide for any photographer wishing to create and offer clients the best work possible while keeping his finances in mind. What Krolop accomplishes in a few short moments is very easy and the costs are very economical. The setting is easy to set-up, easy to light, and easy to modulate and make mobile if necessary. It actually doesn’t get any easier than this, so if photographers are looking for a great way to enhance or improve their style and very cost effectively, then this video tutorial is the perfect way to get started.

Based out of Bonn, Krolop comprises half of the creative team at Krolop & Gerst photography. Combining traditional photography techniques with the latest technology and software, Krolop and Gerst specialize in editorial, fashion, location and wedding photography, providing excellent visual solution services to many satisfied clients.