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Welcome to the FotoTV Partnerprogram

The FotoTV Affiliate Program is a part of the FotoTV Partner Program. There are different ways in which
a business/a website/a blog can partner with FotoTV. Our Partner Program is designed to create a mutually beneficial relationship for us and our partners. Our Partner Presentation will give you a general overview
on the different ways in which you can partner with FotoTV.  


The FotoTV affiliate program!


Our Affiliates

Websites related to photography.




What is the Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is a mutually beneficial program, wherein an affiliate (a website) is paid for every subscription made at, by a visitor who comes from the affiliate’s website. The two documents below titled, Overview and How-to, will provide all the additional information to help you get started. However, should you require further clarifications, we request you to mail us at

 Affiliate Program- Overview


How does it work?

Once you have registered as our affiliate, you will be provided with a set of marketing options to place in your website.  When a visitor to your website clicks on one of the option you choose to place in your website, they will be led to the website. The visitor’s activity will be tracked by our affiliate software.  If the visitor buys a subscription at, then we pay you a commission.

  Become a FotoTV Affiliate in 3 Steps


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