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Pascal Baetens

The Healing Effect of Photography

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In this FotoTV autobiography film, Belgian photographer Pascal Baetens gives viewers a special look at his work and heartfelt thoughts about his subjects and methods to his work.

Baetens loves being a photographer it was his dream and now is his passion. He has worn glasses since he was three years old so he always had a special thought and connection to vision and how it affected the way he sees things. Further learning in boarding school taught him to dream, something very useful as a photographer. After taking courses in University studies he set out to become a photographer. Not to makes lots of money but to share his ideas and perspectives with others. He put his heart into becoming a photographer along with a good portion of hard work.

Baetens tells compassionate stories and shares examples of his work where he chooses to photograph humble people instead of showing just a pretty body in his nude work. All his photography has a story to tell a background of deep reflection and real people who pose as his subjects. For example he tells of one of his subjects, Clair, whom he photographed only after visiting a psychiatrist because he didn't want to demoralize his subject. He consulted with the doctor to learn of the special needs and particulars pertaining to his model who had a wrenching story to tell of her tattoo that he photographed on her nude body.

He continually searches for meaning behind his work and what he shares with the world and he searches for riveting ways to communicate his photography as a healing effect and to tell stories of real people going through a difficult time or who have faced other hardships. Baetens further discusses his photography books as a means to express himself and to capture attention.