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Paul Fusco

Chernobyl Legacy

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Magnum photographer Paul Fusco discusses the inspiration and motivation behind beginning his career and shares agonizing personal stories, as well as images from his heart-wrenching photo essay "Chernobyl Legacy", a series of piercing photographs of intimate and haunting portraits and the terrible loss of human life surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident in 1986--an abominable incident that should never be forgotten.

Fusco's Chernobyl Legacy bears witness to the present-day effects of the horrific nuclear accident that took place in the Ukraine in 1986. More than fifteen years following the disaster, his consuming images document the effects of this tragedy and the lives of the people afflicted by Chernobyl.

Fusco's photographs are insightful and sad, and an incredible documentation of an accident that the world seems to have forgotten. The photographs demonstrate how dangerous nuclear power is and what the real consequences of a nuclear accident are.


Congratulations for the interview.

Amazing words, advices and history. We all remember that history but view as a photographer perspective we have to thank Paul Fusco for his work and for bring us the opportunity to know a little bit more deeper the whole history also we have to thanks him for the interview. Congrats to all the photoTV team.

Really very nice....

This is really very nice to see all the achievements of Paul Fusco. Thanks you for sharing.