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Paul Peregrine

From the Dishes to the Car

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In this revealing autobiographical video Paul Peregrine describes both how he found his passion for photography as well as the hard graft and dedication that precede success.

After following for a while the stereotypical wishes of his parents for their son to become a lawyer or a doctor he took a day-long personality test to find out where his real interests lay. To his surprise, what came out was forestry and photography. He chose to check out photography and enrolled in a course. Within days his life had changed. From that moment on it was ‘pedal to the metal’ down the photography road.

To prove his parents wrong Peregrine moved to New York and started at the bottom in a photo studio: cleaning the dark room, making coffee, and fetching pastries! But learning all the way. Two years later he moved back to Denver, CO and started out on his own. A friend offered him a little space to work. Living at first in his car and showering early in the studio he worked like a beaver, knocking on doors, making photographs. Eventually the energy flowed and success came.

Paul Peregrine is also an inventor for photographers. “Photography is solving problems”, he says. And this usually means getting the right light. His first product developed into the Chimera lighting soft-box. Later he started Lightware Inc., a company the among other things produces camera bags and cases and has recently started offering a system called FourSquare for using arrays of Nikon Speedlight flashes. A dramatic demonstration of the effectiveness of FourSquare can be seen in a YouTube video of a shoot at a motocross event.

Photography is all about line and light, maintains Peregrine. Describing his image of a Bugatti he waxes lyrical about the sensuality that one senses “by how little you see, not how much”.

Paul Peregrine lives and works in Denver, CO. As well as photography he loves the outdoor life, fishing, shooting, hunting and camping. The personality test he took as a young man got it pretty much spot on.


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