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photokinaTV - Mike Larson

Interview with the Wedding-Photographer

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Let's face it: photographers are facing stronger and stronger competition. Dropping fees and rising demands of clients make it tougher and tougher to run a healthy business.

One photographer who successfully survives this is Mike Larson. As a real life / lifestyle wedding photographer he has redefined the way he works with his clients to make them avid fans and even promoters of his services. In this show he tells us, how he does this, why trust is an integral part of this and how he uses modern technology such as the iPad to be ahead of the game.

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Thx @ FotoTV for always introducing these inspiring photographers. There's more than being a technical pro. Creating your own style and do this with passion helps to get your work succesful. Nice Video!


As a marketing/branding expert, I can only say: awesome! This guy really has it down, for himself apparently, and also in getting it across for others! *Very* nice explanations and hints for photographers, I especially liked how he emphasized the reduction of the portfolio that you show to others on just those pictures that you want to be seen as. (Although for most beginner photographers, this doesn't mean 30% less photos, but 50 to 80%.) Great expertise, great interview!