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photokinaTV - Sigma Straight Forward

A photokinaTV 2016 Video

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Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma Cooperatioon, was guest at photokinaTV already in 2012. He came with an impressive challenge for the near future: He wanted to revolutionize the company, making Sigma the leading supplier of lenses in the high-end range.
Now, four years later, we see in the interview: Sigma has really given full throttle! Yamaki shows several brand new lenses and a camera whose features are forward-looking, in fact, and certainly juggle opposites: For example, the opposites of sharpness and bokeh, size and ease as well as of quality and the demands of a low price were decoupled by the Sigma engineers.
Yamaki and his team have put a lot of strength and sweat into this technical change process. Such a big project will only work with motivated employees. Yamaki also gives an insight into the collaboration of engineers.