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Photoshop Techniques


Hello and Welcome to the Photoshop Lessons/Techniques channel on FotoTV. You have tuned into the world’s largest Internet TV about Photography.

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These photoshop lessons are bit more advanced than the basic tutorials for beginners. Some of the techniques included in our collection of videos include, re-coloring clothes, replacing sky, lab gray scale conversion, dodge and burn tools, heavy weight image editing, partial desaturation, printing with profiles, levels and curves, skin color correction, coloring hair, Photoshop CS5 and more.

Some of our videos on Photoshop Techniques/ Lessons are listed below. We hope they help you achieve the image you wish to.

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Determining a Vision for Architecture
Raw Duplicate
Light Beams, Photoshop, Gradient, Tools, Techniques

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Photoshop, Image Editing, Calendar
Photoshop-Tutorial, Dodge and Burn, Skin Retouching

Highest ranked videos in : Photoshop Techniques

Digital Powdering, Photoshop Tutorial
Photoshop-Tutorial, Gaussian Blur, filter
Photoshop-Tutorial, Dodge and Burn Technique
Determining a Vision for Architecture
Long Exposure Basics 1
Raw Duplicate
How to Increase the Dynamic of a Single Picture
Light Beams, Photoshop, Gradient, Tools, Techniques
Learn How to Add Light Beams with Gradients
Exposure Blending, Fusion, Photoshop
The Fusion Technique Without Special Software
Smudge, Tool, Photoshop
Creating Painted-Looking Images by Smudging Them
composing color
Learn How to Merge The Background With Your Subject
Retouch, Children, Faces, Kate Breuer
Kate Shows How to Retouch Children
Ageing, Face, Image, Kate Breuer
Kate Ages the Actual Image
Ageing, Face, Wrinkles, Kate Breuer
Kate Adds Wrinkles to the Face
Ageing,  Face, Gray Hair, Kate Breuer
Kate Lets the Hair Gray
Fog, Creation, Kate Breuer, Landscape
Kate Creates Fog in a Landscape
Smart Objects, Smart Filters, Kate Breuer
Kate Depicts the Advantages
Photoshop-Tutorial, Dodge and Burn, Skin Retouching
Kate Retouches the Skin with Dodge and Burn
Photoshop-Tutorial, Dodge and Burn, Body and Face
Kate Breuer Forms Body Parts and the Face
Photoshop-Tutorial, Dodge and Burn Technique
Kate Breuer explaines how dodging and burning works
Photoshop-Tutorial, Gaussian Blur, filter
Learn to Use the Gaussian Blur from Kate Breuer
Digital Powdering, Photoshop Tutorial
Kate Breuer Shows How to Smoothen the Skin
Double Processing, Lightroom, Photoshop
Bracketed Effects With a Single RAW File
Lab Color Mode, Color Booster, Photoshop
Photoshop Tutorial with Mike Le Gray
Photoshop Lesson by Karsten Franke